Ocean Window

La Jolla, California

As I looked through the viewfinder, it was as if I was seeing the horizon through an old-fashioned camera with an accordion-style bellows lens. After some delicate maneuvering, I was stunned by the final visual result. Before me was a long tunnel of precision craftsmanship, stretching out towards the endless sea – balanced just right on either side. To complete this flawless vision, I set a long exposure – creating the dreamlike effect of a lingering turquoise mist at my feet. Pure magic. I am eternally drawn to the power of this structure – a perfect compliment to the vast waters of the Pacific.

Peter Lik


Panoramic -Vertical

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Available in 100cm.

Multiple framing options available.

Printed on FujiFlex Crystal Archive Paper


Lease                                                €200 per month.

€10,000  100cm